Reproducibility/open science resources

A list (in progress) of useful introductory resources to the issues around reproducibility (with a focus on Psycholgy and Neuroscience) and open science that I put together whilst preparing a lecture for undergraduate students of Social Pscychology. This list is far from comprehensive so please feel free to share any useful links/ideas in the comments.


  • Slides by  Jim Grange. The reproducibility crisis in psychological science: One year later. Invited speaker at the “Psychologist in the Pub” event, Stoke-on-Trent. [Slides]
  • Slides by Tom Hardwicke. Science as a Human Edeavour/ Building a Reproducilbe Research Workflow [Slides]
  • Slides by Courtney Soderberg. Practical Steps for Increasing Openness and Reproducibility. [Slides]
  • Materials by Courtney Soderberg and Jennifer Freeman Smith. COS Reproducibility Workshops. [Slides]
  • Replicability and Reproducibility Debate organized by the BPS ath the Royal Society on 26 May 2016, with presentations from Marcus Munafò, Roger Watt, Dorothy Bishop, Chris Chambers, Kathryn Sharples, Nick Brown and Prateek Buch.




Tools/general resouces